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Moving To Ireland From Uk? Contact Central Moves

Moving to Ireland from the UK can be tedious considering all the hectic processes of packing, unpacking, and so on, you will want some assistance. However, relocating to Ireland is an intriguing adventure, and you will have an exciting time once you settle. As an Expat, you might mostly be moving because of job purposes; therefore, you will want to stay somewhere more convenient. Fortunately, Ireland has more to offer than you can imagine. Also, if you are a retiree, then the options even increase for you. Despite all the prospect locations, your guide will be your situation at hand. Are you moving to Ireland from the UK? Below are popular cities.



Galway's location is on the River Corrib in the western part of Ireland. Here you will have a variety of employment opportunities once you have a working Visa. Most large companies have their headquarters here, especially the ones majoring in tech. Famous companies like Apple have offices here, so you have a guarantee of having a pleasant experience.


Limerick is an averagely sized city in the county Limerick. In comparison to Dublin, which is more popular, Limerick is a bit smaller. However, many international companies are cropping up in the city, and their proximity to the city center is very short; hence you can easily commute. Also, other cities are bordering it on the west, Cork, and Galway. Apart from work, you will enjoy a good social life as there are many restaurants, music and plenty of art.


Dublin is the most popular city in Ireland, meaning it attracts the most Expats in the country. With this profile, the cost of living here is quite high in comparison to the other cities. Accommodation is the most expensive factor, but other issues like transport and food are a bit fair in pricing. The city is dynamic and vibrant throughout, and you can easily walk or use public transport to get anywhere. Moving to Ireland from Uk, this city is the icing on the cake.


Cork is quite a smaller town in Ireland, but it has so much to offer you as an Expat. The city is rich in culture, which will be interesting if you take the initiative to learn. Also, if you love the nightlife, Cork will present you with endless opportunities without disappointments. The most common job opportunities here are from pharmaceutical companies as well as tech.

These are but the most popular cities in Ireland, but there are many more others you can decide to explore. They include Waterford, Kenmare, and Killarney, among others. Choose to settle in a city, depending on your needs and personal preferences.

Moving to Ireland from Uk can be an easy task if you contact  Central Moves and Storage here: Central Moves and Storage is a moving and storage company that has offices in Ireland but does worldwide shipping as well. Unlike any other moving company, Central Movers understand that all moves are unique; therefore, they are flexible to meet all your needs. Your requirements are their priority. You will get personalised services with high levels of professionalism. Their overhead costs are quite fair as well if you decide to conduct your moving in bits. By this option, Central Moves spread the costs and reduce the overall cost further. All your items will move safely, and in case of any unseen incidents, they will take full liability.

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